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The Wreck

Life is a journey and the teenager years are an important part of that journey. Whether you are a new 6th grader or a veteran 12th grader ready to graduate high school and enter into college The WRECK is the place to be! Around town we are known for having a student ministry that impacts our local schools for Jesus Christ. At Emerald Coast Fellowship we desire to help teenagers make the most of this part of their lives. Our goal is for parents and teenagers to know that here they are valued for who they are! We work extremely hard to partner with parents during this time in their families lives as their children become young adults and begin to take hold of all the plans that God has for them.

Our Meeting Area

We are currently meeting inside the Emerald Coast sanctuary. We are in the process of building and creating a fun, exciting, and engaging pavilion that will serve as a place for our teenagers to gather and hangout on Wednesday nights. Once the pavilion is finished, our student ministry will meet back in the Wreck on Wednesday nights.

Wednesday Nights @ The WRECK

We call Wednesday Nights “The Best Night Of The Week” because each week, teenagers from all across Bay County gather for a time of high energy worship, food, and fun with their friends. We start serving food at 5:45pm. Middle School Worship is at 6:15pm. High School Worship is at 7:15pm. When students are not in worship they can eat and hang out with their friends under our new pavilion. Our worship time includes powerful worship with our student band, and the teaching of God’s Word.

Sunday Morning Small Groups and Worship

Emerald Coast Fellowship meets every Sunday morning at 10 am. We offer in person small group options for our teenagers at 9 am. We have small group options for both middle school and high school students.