Current Series

Good News Bay

The goal of this sermon series is to share good news stories found in the scripture of when people gave their lives to Christ. All throughout the scriptures we find different examples of good news. Not only do we want to focus on the Good News found in the scriptures, but we also want to encourage our people to share the good news they see everyday in Bay County. We want to make Bay County brighter one conversation at a time. The more our people share the good news of Jesus the more our lives, families, businesses, and communities will begin to change! Let’s change the conversation! #GoodNewsBay

Past Series

Good News Bay

April 4, 2021

Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021

Who’s Your One?

March 21, 2021


February 14, 2021

He Is Worthy Of It

February 7, 2021

More Jesus In January

January 3, 2021

Finish It

October 18, 2020

In The Meantime

April 19, 2020

New Beginnings

June 7, 2020