Summer Camp 2018

Dates: June 4-8

Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center

Talladega, AL

June 4: 7:30: Arrive at church. Don’t be late.

Check in is in the worship center. Guys and girls have different check locations in the worship center. Check in, grab 2 bag tags, t-shirt, and load your luggage. Girls load on the drivers side of each bus, boys on the passenger side. The busses will be parked on the Jenks side of the church and will be numbered. Put your luggage on your assigned bus. We will load the buses, then come into the worship center for a fast meeting.  Put your WRECK t-shirt in your suitcase (don’t wear it until the group picture).

Bus Assignments (grade you are entering)

Bus 1: 11th-Graduates

Bus 2: 9th- 7th Grades

Bus 3: 10th-8th grades

We will stop for lunch in Montgomery.  There is a Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, and Arby’s side by side.  Students may eat any of the three restaurants.

Rooming and small groups will NOT be given out until we reach camp! Do Not Ask.

You need money for travel lunch, and snack shop once we get there. All meals once we get to camp are provided by Shocco.  We would recommend $60 for various spending at camp which includes the fast food lunch both ways.

June 8: Get back on Friday around 5 pm. Students will call parents when we reach Dothan. This will give you enough time to be at the church to pick up your student when we arrive.  Our camp volunteers have at that point have spent 5 days pouring into your student.  It is expected that you be on time and our volunteers do not have to stay at church waiting on you.

What we need to have an understanding on:


  1. Do right
  2. Be where your supposed to be when your supposed to be there
  3. Do not be alone with or in the opposite sexes dorm
  4. Respect adults

What if something major happens while we are at camp?

If something happens at home (death, hospitalization…) call Doug before you call your student.

Cell phone policy:

Cell phones: We’re ok with phones unless they become a problem. If it becomes a problem we will take the phone and hand it back to a parent once we reach the church parking lot on June 8.

Medicine or sickness:

Your Student needs to eat, sleep, and drink water.  You will not miss recreation because you made poor decisions and are sick. Every year we have a few people get sick because of poor decisions.

We do not check in medicine.  We expect middle school and high school students to be mature enough to know when to take medicine.  We can have small group leaders check in to make sure that medicine is taken if requested.

If your student is on Attention helping medicine, we expect them to take it during camp.  This is not the week to take you student off these meds.

If your student gets sick during the week, there are a few walk-in clinics that we have used in the past.  Once the business day is over we will use the ER for any issues that arise.  We are taking three physical therapists that have doctorates in their field to handle any injuries that might occur.

Rooming List:

  • We do our best to put friends together.  We are not perfect and sometimes do not get it right. Please understand this.
  • We put 5 kids in a 4 person room so adults can have their own bed.  We take beds in a box which are air mattresses, sheets, and everything else you would need.
  • We do not give out rooming and small group assignments until we get to camp.

The parent packet/packing list is linked below.

Packing list:

Other packing information:

  • Sheets are provided by Shocco
  • Bring a pillow
  • You need Bath and pool towel
  • Recreation Day 1: Messy games (apple sauce, Hersey syrup, etc.…).  Bring a Walmart plastic bag to put these dirty cloths in.
  • Two changes of cloths per day. We recommend that you pack comfortable cloths.  You will do a lot of walking and it is hot. T-shirts and shorts are fine for worship. One pair for the morning and afternoon and one for the evening.  If you have any questions on what to pack please consult the Shocco Springs photo albums on our facebook page and you will see what everyone will be wearing.
  • There are water activities available during free time each afternoon.  Those cost anywhere from $5-10 per afternoon which include the water slide and the blob.  A few are free.
  • Closed toe shoes are required for recreation.  No flip flops.

How To Follow us at camp

  • Facebook: wreckonline
  • Instagram: ecf_wreck


We will be handing out contact and other important info at check in.  If you have any questions please contact the church office at 850.265.2166.